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Information for Giron Family Day Care Home, a Family Day Care Home in Port Richey FL:

Provider Name: Giron Family Day Care Home
Approximate Location: Martinique Lane, Port Richey FL 34668
Contact Phone: 727-236-6299
License Number: F06PA0299
Capacity: 10
Days of Operation: Monday - Friday
Normal Open Hours: 6:45AM - 5:30PM
Enrolled in Subsidized Child Care Program: No
Type of Care: After School;Before School;Drop In;Food Served;Full Day;Half Day;Infant Care;Open Year-Round;Transportation
Additional Information: Provider First Licensed on: 10/29/10;
Reviews: There are 1 reviews for this provider.
Rated 1 star by Anonymous on 2019-04-17 14:54:33
Comment: I would absolutely NOT recommend this childcare provider. Multiple times that I picked my child up from here, Katie would have all the kids who could fit in an infant seat strapped in and set in front of the TV. According to FL guidelines, children under 2 are not even supposed to be watching TV. Older than 2 they can for educational purposes only. SpongeBob does not qualify as educational. In addition to this, she would allow her elementary aged daughter to pick up infants and change diapers. This is completely inappropriate and unsafe. I would frequently be told that my child had diaper rashes because the food my child was eating was “too acidic”. Katie tried to tell me that sweet potatoes are acidic. Sweet potatoes are among one of the most alkaline foods there is. (Her lack of education is evident in her language skills, and remedial knowledge she shares in conversation.) I believe that my child was not being changed when it was needed. There would be lesions on my child’s bottom that could only be there because of prolonged exposure of feces on the skin. Miraculously, this never happened on the weekends. Everything would clear up by Sunday, only for it to repeat the next week. Another issue I had with her was when it came time to pay her. I understand that people want to get paid, but attempts to make someone feel like they’re inconveniencing you because you want to go to the bank at a certain time is ridiculous. Cash can get deposited into an ATM and be immediately available, checks can be mobile deposited. There is nothing in the contract about WHEN on Friday payment is due. I am glad I got my child out of there as quickly as I could. Please don’t make my mistake and subject your child to this sub-par care. There are plenty of GOOD home daycares around, this is not one of them.
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